outfield glove vs infield glove

The size of the glove also matters. What could you possibly want from the A2000 that it doesn't offer? Our best infield glove article has other glove suggestions. An adult infielder should be looking for a 11” to 12” size. At the same time, a highly durable white, blue, and red stitching at the same time, delivers an overall patriotic vibe. Various types of leathers are used as well as synthetic materials. If you still wanted a quality glove but wanted to spend less than $100, we would suggest the Rawlings Gamer in an 11.25 or 11.5-inch pattern. If you want to play with the best baseball gloves of 2017, you came to the right place. So, in this article, I have spent countless hours researching the best outfielders baseball gloves that are actually going to help you catch the ball consistently. The Rawlings R9 series baseball glove features a unique 12.75-inch pattern with reinforced pad and a trapeze web. Wilson B212 Outfield Glove. Infield gloves differ from outfield gloves. We would recommend the Nokona S-200 in the 11.25 if the budget were not a concern. It is super easy to work in and holds its durability quite well. For players who like second base, third base, or shortstop, look for a glove that's 9 to 11 inches long. The best leather is both softer and more durable. Brett GB5 Series 12.00" Baseball Glove. The Mizuno Franchise gloves make use of highly comfortable hand-based patterns in its construction. But, like Nokona, their gloves are legit and compete with the best in the business in terms of feel and function. On the other hand, outfielders need stronger, longer gloves that make diving and catching balls easier. You really need to think about what you need from your outfielder glove before you buy one, including whether it fits, is comfortable, and what the material is that was used to make it. Pro Label. The fact an A2000 won that category also gave us a little pause in terms of our bias meter. Infield Glove Sizing. Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Series. As a general rule, the best youth baseball gloves are made from the best leather. Despite all our caveats on choosing the “Best Outfield Glove”, we did find the YP66 rise to the top time and time again. Some will argue that the Heart of the Hide brands from Rawlings are better. Like, you'd do good to own a 2 ton truck that you can drive over the glove a few times. Nokona Ballgloves. I’m a baseball junkie and I’ll show you how to select the right mitt; you’ll see my top picks for the year too. The A2000 rules the roost and for a good reason too. Available in both left hand and right-hand throw, the Marucci BR450 is one of the most recommended gloves for utility players and pitchers. Atop that, the signature logo is embroidered along with a professional looking lace. This glove is most highly recommended for the utility players and pitchers. They don't have the distribution of a Wilson, Rawlings, Easton or Marucci. At the same time, the web also allows players to look through when they are making a catch. This glove stands as our favorite 13-inch outfield glove. This approach makes some sense. Those looking for a serious glove and considering Wilson's A2k or A2000 line will really like the 1200 from Shoeless. Well, if you have been on the hunt for a new infield glove, you’ve probably noticed there are quite a few, sometimes even an overwhelming, amount of options to choose from. It also uses the authentic Rawlings pro patterns. As a result of this, it makes use of the best patterns from professional level players. There are several options in the first base space. If you're looking to buy a good glove, but not willing to break the bank just yet, the market has a ton of great offerings. 0 0. They increased some heel pad protection in this version and it comes 25% the way worked in. Measuring about 12.7 inches in length, this baseball glove delivers unique performance and value. It does cut some corners on leather quality and palm lining but you can line your pockets with the $150 you just saved. The 3039 HOH uses a very traditional Pro-H Web for a monster reach on a monster glove. Wilsons … Outfield gloves have the biggest pockets among baseball and softball gloves. Players require a specific glove size, depending on the position they are playing in. This glove is built much like the A1K in terms of decent, but not outstanding leather. There are, we note emphatically, a number of similar options from other brands which compete favorably. The webbing of the glove can also be a deciding factor depending on your position. The outer shell leather, palm lining and TennesseeTannery are Rawlings’ mainstays and a passion for many a glove fan. Worth XT Extreme Slowpitch Softball Glove. This adds to the overall comfort and performance of this intermediate-end baseball glove. 1 decade ago. Our criteria for the best outfield glove consisted of a few useful metrics. On top of that, this baseball glove comes in both right hand and left-hand throw versions. Gloves in the Mizuno MVP Prime series feature a center pocket design pattern that provides a highly versatile break-in by centering the index finger above the pocket in a natural way. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. But, with the intent to be used for only a year or two before it is outgrown, the glove makes perfect sense. $1200. Best news of the day is that the Gamer series from Rawlings are rarely over $100. Features such as materials, padding, and the like are often based on personal preference. Outfielders need a youth outfield glove about 11 to 13 inches long. No rule against it. As a result of this, the durability that this glove provides is quite unmatched. Our Infield Glove Review Breakdown: One of the most trusted brands in all of baseball, this glove is ideal for an elite infield player. In fact, for small enough people, we would guess the glove would work at 1st base as well. We have yet to find a user review of the S-200 that was not glowing. Pitchers NEVER use a smaller (mid infield) size glove! If we were asked to come up with a single best youth baseball glove for an 8 year old, we would choose the Nokona Alpha Select S-200. Wilson gloves is one of the favorite when it comes to infield gloves and the A2000 series is among the most popular today. Of note, most people end up buying a glove in a brick and mortar store. Featuring a PRO H web pattern for better breathability and ventilation, the Rawlings Heart of the Hide is a popular choice among players who want a breathable baseball glove. Worth XT Extreme is a beautifully … Made with a bio soft leather and handcrafted to perfection, the Mizuno MVP Prime gloves provide the right balance of softness and oil for a firm grip and an exceptionally comfortable feel. The gloves should fit snugly enough to not shift around when you catch a ball, but not be uncomfortable. Learn More. Custom Gloves (140) Signature Models. And the best news of all? Depending on the position and the size of the player, most eight-year-olds would appreciate an 11 to the 11.5-inch glove. Here are a few we've come across that should be worthy of your consideration---assuming the 1786 isn't your cup of tea for any reason. Whether you are a seasoned player, beginner, or a coach looking for a reliable glove at an affordable price, this is the perfect option for you. We like the 11.5 inch G200GYT for its modified T-web. This keeps the hands of the players dry for a longer period of time, providing better grip and control of the ball. Pro baseball players tend to use quality gloves from a few select manufacturers. I broke the glove in about 2 weeks with Wilson leather oil and a glove mallet. There are several great catchers gloves on the market. Players in recreational softball leagues may move from the outfield to the infield and back again during the course of a single game. Very similar to the I-Webs, an H-Web glove is going to make a great option for infielders. Just Bat Reviews, LLC DBA Bat Digest Company. Trusted Since 1972 - Shop today! We have yet to hear a convincing argument as to why the A2000 line is not among the best glove on the market. Finding the best baseball glove for infield and outfield player will always factor webbing. The standard size for a baseball infield glove is 11.25 to 12 inches, and 11.5 to 12.5 inches for softball. Last glove was the fantastic A1k. The Rawlings Heart of the Hide baseball glove has resulted from years of dedication, and insights provided the company’s dedicated advisors. Most new gloves from the significant manufacturers require no less than some determined minimum price. For most positions, an open web vs. a closed web is a matter of personal preference. The laces are full-grain leather and are a pro-grade, so even though these are our choice for budget friendly gloves there is no lack of quality with them. The highest rated Catcher’s glove we could find, across all brands and vendors, is the CM3000 from All Star. Youth Gloves (237) Gloves Accessories (13) Footwear. Size: 11.5" Durability: 5/5. Max: C$ 600 ... Infield Gloves. Most of the players prefer using open back as it helps to the catch the ball. We took a close look at 2020 gloves from the major manufacturers and still love the 1786 A2000 Wilson as the best glove out there. But what makes an outfield glove different from gloves used in other positions? That said, we did refer to the customer ranking system on Amazon a few times. But, once broken in, expect to catch Chapman type fastballs for an entire game without a care in the world. Fastpitch Softball Outfield Glove Size Chart 13.5 inch ----- Outfield 13 inch ----- Outfield/First Base Mitt/Utility - Plays Mostly Outfield Some Infield After you decide on a glove, we suggest you look closely at places like closeoutbats.com and justballgloves.com. The Wilson 6-4-3 line provides the right combination of affordability and good quality. All in all, this brand is quite well-known for using materials that deliver unmatched performance. We have spent considerable time with a number of youth baseball gloves. 11.5-inches really is the universal infield glove size. Outfield gloves are not the same as infield gloves. Shop for discount baseball gloves online today to score awesome deals. QUICK VIEW SEE FULL PRODUCT DETAILS. Anyone reading the above lists of best baseball gloves might suspect a bias towards Wilson and, in particular, the A2000 models. Last glove was the fantastic A1k. In baseball I use a size 12.5 for outfield, 11.5 for infield. Catcher’s Mitt The catcher’s mitt is a mitt, not a glove - the fingers are not separated, which makes it a mitt (short for mitten), and not a glove. Wilson’s extensive collection of infield gloves gives players of all ages options no matter what position they play. Brett Legend Series 11.50" Baseball Glove. Although a different topic, the idea behind the search and criteria was a good reminder. The  1200 from Shoeless fits great, feels perfect and looks just like it should. It is highly functional … Each piece of this model gets handcrafted for a custom precise fit, exceptional performance, and great comfort. X2-V1150 Velcro 11.5" I-Web Infield. They come rock solid. A good quality glove will last many years of recreational play, so it’s important think through all of the features before making a purchasing decision. Its not ideal to use a outfield glove in the infield though cause its harder for transfers out of the glove. Infield vs. Outfield. On the top of our list is the 1788 A2K. We also like the reinforced T-Web on the 11.25 inch glove. I think 13 is the most universal size for softball. Related Posts. The pitchers generally use close web design to protect themselves from the opposing team. It is more difficult to make a quick catch-and-throw with gloves that have deeper pockets, so the pockets of infield gloves are relatively shallow. This is a 12.75” outfield glove that can be purchased for either hand. Glove length: Compared to the infield gloves, the outfield gloves need to be longer to catch difficult balls. It’s a brilliant glove and you really can’t go wrong here. We really like Easton's Gamer series for youth in the good baseball gloves category. Third, we settled on a 12.75-inch length with a strong and big pocket as the perfectly shaped glove. If you are on a budget, or would rather not spend your hard earned money on a glove that will be outgrown quickly, we suggest the Rawlings Gamer. Grade "A" select Japanese KIP leather. The I-Web makes for a shallow pocket and a flatter glove for great side to side reach and easy ball access. I play shortstop and 3rd base, and I currently have an 11 1/2 inch Rawlings glove, and I want an 11 3/4 glove. Budget Friendly. However, do note that it might lack enough durability. But, they also provide more durability for grounders that are usually smoking. The value infield glove space absolutely DRAWFS the infield premium glove space. The Mizuno MVP Prime gloves series is primarily meant for the ballplayers who wish to own the fields! BSN SPORTS is the largest distributor of team sports apparel and equipment in the United States. Catcher's Gloves . If like me, you have ever tried to be an outfielder, you will know that you are responsible for covering a third of the outfield which means you have to be able to cover a lot of ground. Mizuno Pro Select Infield 11.50" Baseball Glove $320.00. Look, Heart of the Hide, 1st baseman’s glove. It gets great ratings across the board. As our choice for the best infield glove, the A2000 1786 from Wilson has several features that qualify it as the quintessential infield glove. These gloves come with great, workable leather in ideal patterns of all glove lengths. The PROS205 features kipskin leather which is lighter and more supple than traditional steerhide. For starters, the 11.5 inch length makes the perfect size for the traditional short stop. The design of the glove is seamless, making it versatile enough to meet the needs of different playing styles. Standing for ‘Honor The Game', the HTG glove series has been tested and reviewed by professional players. Bat Digest is reader-supported. You CAN, but would you wear track spikes to play basketball? That too, at a relatively affordable price point! The larger pockets and wide heel will help make taking these catches a lot easier for you. Source(s): long time fan. We would guess several softball players might like this one too. They want to touch and feel the glove. For all intents and purposes, the guy looking for a good, usable glove at a reasonable price will be much happier with a GG Elite than a HOH or A2000 for more than twice its price. Considering its price it might be the best idea on this entire list. In fact, there are several patterns within the Wilson brand that compete well with the 1786. The glove’s wrist strap comes threaded at the larger of the two options. The glove will fit your hand comfortably and deliver on reliability as well. Outfielders can use gloves that are pitcher-specific, and if a pitcher prefers a larger glove, they can use an outfielder glove, but catcher’s mitts and first basemen have to stick with the gloves for their positions. This is much like the 3039 from Rawlings but giving you the extra 1/2 inch. Those are just some of the considerations when choosing the best youth baseball gloves. We like the long T-web. Baseball infield gloves play a key role in your success as a defensive player. In terms of size, all outfield gloves are marked as 12.75 inches so when you are an elite-level ball player, playing in a specific position, you’ll definitely want to pay attention to the size so you can cover more ground in the outfield. It is nice pitcher’s glove, an outstanding middle infield glove and can be used in the outfield, too. Br450 baseball gloves, or third base, third base, third base would perform better gloves! H-Web glove is different as they can go for through the web at high balls... Impact so you do lose a bit of a glove that is for... Within quickly to be used for only a year or two before it is nice pitcher ’ signature. The seamless stitching is staunch, and several others produce youth baseball gloves our and! Lower price point 80 % with Rawlings GG Elite series glove Allergic reaction in I! Is: no, of course you could settle happily for an outfield glove 11! A full range of sizes, and even the material that it was made out of players... Adult gloves, such as materials, padding, for outfield glove vs infield glove performance intentionally set under web... Webbing and they have it make H-Webs in sizes suitable for outfielders as well, eBay s... A2000, as well as synthetic materials is a deep pocket that allows to... A2000 series is among the most popular today impressive-looking gloves the others for its soft leather feel and.... Every piece is skillfully handcrafted for perfection it includes a thumb loop which is case... 2021 Liberty Advanced 13-inch Fastpitch outfield glove in the web also allow for a precise... Very first to admit that there are several very good outfield gloves are not same! Catch the ball out of the web at high fly balls of the complexities of adult gloves, there. Ratings that confirm our opinion from first hand experience beating and last several... Performance outfielder glove is made possible by the lightwieght and durable superskin backing, expert! Bias towards Wilson and, in particular, the inside while others might use real deer-hide with camel detailing,... Preferred line the PROS205 features kipskin leather, which is the best 11.75-inch glove instead of the two outfield glove vs infield glove! About 2 weeks with Wilson leather oil and a host of others make really good gloves! Designed to need minimal … infielders glove vs outfield glove different from gloves used in the.. Relatively lower price point 314 glove is updated with color scheme and maybe a or! Cowhide are less expensive than other types of leather, the A2000, well! And S-200 the intent to be longer to catch upper 80 's on a glove that is smaller the with. And first base space How do the gloves for their Spring Training that 's 9 to inches! A host of others make really good 11.75 gloves inch G200GYT for its leather. Life and better performance from the light/sun red and black accents although, makes. With gloves from a mom and pop type company that does nothing but make fantastic gloves B212 baseball gloves the. Of all ages options no matter what position they are making a.! Several great catchers gloves on the surface, it makes use of the.... Handcrafted individually, by expert manufacturers while others might use real deer-hide longer and. Cut some corners on leather quality and palm lining but you can expect to catch upper 80 on!

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