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Warm regards, and long live this golden age of cutlery we are currently enjoying. It may also be that at times, we should avoid judging other people’s abilities or knowledge by our own limitations. Yeah, I’ve seen a few such things, and was definitely tempted. compared to the 110’s beefy 7.2 oz. No belt clip. It came home with his effects, and I claimed it for my own. For extended stay I would feel more comfortable with a fixed blade but then again, if I was stranded with a Buck 110, I reckon I would do just fine. I can’t remember my old knife because it has been so long but I think this is a newer generation version. . Weight. That, in and of itself is another marvel of our modern age. Nice review. The main criticism others have of this knife (besides the weight – which I think I’ve mentioned enough) is the very delicate tip it sports. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I’m sure there are better ones out there but I’ve yet to see one in person. I have the Ecolite version of the 110. Knife Type: Folding. Registrierte Benutzer sehen hier keine Werbung > 26.03.09, 14:04 #2. E-Mail Address. I generally agree with all your comments although I can’t speak to blade engineering pert se. And while I don’t like celebrity knives either, at the very least Steve Austin does seem to be genuinely into knives. 220mm. Sounds like you have a pretty awesome trio right there! Chibbi. Something to keep in mind is that the Spyderco is about double the cost of the Buck. But they will restore, and cherish, a 1963 Chevy Impala SS with a 409 cid engine! Do I have knives that ARE better? Along the way I picked up a Schrade LB-7. then in 2012 i ordered a brand new 110 from buck on their website and i use this one as my everyday carry knife and use it for about everything i do. Yep, I agree, Buck will probably just keep on keeping on, making what they make and not really caring about staying with the times. Either way, it’s pretty unthreatening as far as knife sheath’s go. The 110’s Dymondwod and brass construction lead to a rather Rubenesque knife. As for the slop, I have to say that every Buck I’ve handled has exhibited it in some form or other. You could probably get it mounted with a scope if you wanted. One I carried for 20 years in law enforcement. A regular buck 110 with zytel handles, no stupid cutouts, scallops or grooves. Newer Buck 110s may have improved in the fit and finish department, but the ones that were made at the same time as, or earlier than, my LB7, were crude compared to it. Only the handle has changed, and that drastically reduces the overall weight of the 110. No hole for small rope. It is the knife i make my sandwiches with. They usually hover around $60-70 on the secondary, which is hard for me to choke up for something I will carry only occasionally. The contours on my old knife were “sharper” as I recall and the pivot was more conducive to single hand opening. YOU SAVE € 5.00. For all of my complaining in the review I guess I’m glad that the 110 has kind of stayed it’s same old beautiful and clunky self, too. Seems like all the “expert” reviewers love to shoot down an old warhorse and/or workhorse using the approved verbiage. It was one of three “go-to” knives during a 20-year U.S. Army career. Aye, its definitely an old school knife that predates all modern quirks and features. The old style trappings of traditional knives and the Buck 110 just put people at ease in a way that modern knives don’t. I finally bought one 10 years ago and still treasure it. use it at work and while camping on weekends the 110 is my favorite knife due to size and weight. You can find them on Amazon.com, though: for example here. Not sure Elise would approve at all though. In relation to the handle, the belly is angled so that you can really push down and get through material quickly. I have been thinking of returning to hunting since I now have the time. Always carried all three on the battle rattle. … Its all relative Jake, check out a modern Spydie and you will get what I mean. The hollow ground blade is made out of the time tested 420HC stainless steel. So what? Knife Center has em’ in stock right now for 150 bucks, with free shipping. Thanks for your review. I also have the Buck 112 in this version (3-inch blade). Like the song goes: “I like my women a little on the trashy side.”. At that size I have to assume it feels, carries, and functions more like a traditional knife. You can argue that the gear stuff deserves it’s own blog, and that we should’ve separated the survival stuff from the gear stuff, and while you may be right there, it’s too late for us to do that now, and screw it, not many seem to really mind. And old Buck, I just think they will roll along with the 110 and the 112, though I have a rather new 112 with the finger grooves, and I like it! It was a pry bar, a can opener, a screw driver, hammer, whatever was necessary to get the job done, and all this while drenched in saltwater and little to no maintenance. My beloved Buck 110 needs replacement as it is not too handy. More than other knife besides the Swiss Army Knife, the Buck 110 is an icon. In 1972 I carried it back to Vietnam with me. 218g. In the hand, the 110 feels great.Its simple curved handle gives a surprisingly comfortable grip and balance-wise, it’s brilliant. But I don’t agree that it’s a “terrible tool.” It is, in my opinion, a darn good tool. Enter your email address and hit "Go" to receive notifications of new posts by email. Maybe it’s those memories of wanting one as a boy, but never being able to afford it. Buck 110 Hunting Knife Review – Amazon / Blade HQ. The Buck 110 is an American tradition, at this point. (an SFO) Best Survival Knives I bought my first 110 in mid-1977, in Charlotte , N. C. I used it until around 2000, when I semi-retired it so I would not lose it. There is a difference between honoring your past and being imprisoned by it. Got Esee 6, ZT 0909, CS SRK VG1, Tops BOB, Cudeman MT6, many Bucks (Selkirk, Mesa, Compadre, Vanguard ,etc)and of course the 110. But for the shape and size of the blade, you would never think it was a 110. It’s easy to forget how amazing modern materials like G-10 or titanium are. I have used it to clean countless dove, quail, squirrels, turtles, turkeys, etc. Weight: 7.2 oz; Thickness: 0.12” Blade Style: Clip point; Handle material: Wood; Locking: Lockback; Sheath: Leather; Of course you can get the Buck 110 in S30V steel. I bought my first 110 in high school (1978), as I was showing it to my deer hunting friends during lunch, one of the nuns saw it and confiscated it. Don’t expect perfect ergoes here, but ultimately, I would say it’s above average. Well. According to reviews by ‘smart people’, the M1 Carbine was an underpowered carbine (and thus “not really a true rifle”) with a too loud muzzle blast, poor sights, etc. A reflective lanyard would go a long way in such a night. I read knife and gun reviews and wonder how our fathers and grandfathers ever won at war, brought home the venison, or did any chores on the farm given the poor tools with which they were forced to work. Meet the Buck 110 and 112 Slim EDC pocket knives at Knivesandtools. No hole for lanyard. Tragically, I hve recently been declared a member of a heretofore unheard of (by me) demographic, “advanced middle age”. Buck 110 (finger grooved version) C. Chibbi Mitglied. Thats one hell of a testimonial John, thanks for sharing. If it works, it works. Home Pocket knives & multitools Buck Buck 110 Buck 110 Folding Hunter LT light-weight hunting knife Buck 110 Folding Hunter LT light-weight hunting knife. Buck 110 Folding Hunter LT 3.75" Plain Blade, Black Nylon … Benchmade 940 is deliverable and is also on top of the list but I get put-off by the rather slim design. The lack of a pocket clip (for good reason as, again, it weighs about 3 tons) means that the Buck 110 comes with a rather nicely made leather sheath. STRENGTH AND SAFETY - The lock back locks the blade open for reliable strength and safety while you work. Just regular checkered light weight version of the original. Such a great knife. I think they sell something similar at bladehq these days. I love each for its merits. Put on wishlist Remove from wishlist. The famous Buck 110 Folding Hunter and 112 Ranger now as light-weight slim versions. It is a true Forever warranty, not some “For the life of the product” or “Original Purchaser Only”/ With easy one-handed opening, the 420HC stainless steel blade provides supreme edge retention and is finished with Buck’s Advanced Edge2x Blade Technology. The gleaming brass bolsters and wooden scales have been copied by dozens and dozens of manufacturers over the years. And in a way, a little slop makes you feel like the knife is primed to be beaten on – at least, that’s how I feel anyway, and I didn’t have any compunction about hammering on my 110 out on hikes. Mitglieder sehen hier keinen Banner. totally disagree with this review but respect it. Weight: 7.2 oz. I would hands down prefer to bring the buck with me in the woods over the Endura personally. I just bought a used 110 off EBay. As yours and other comments have shown, it has a deeply proven track record. Not sure a modern knife can ever have this much raw appeal. I suppose mine has done well with age as I always used it as a knife for cutting, slicing, dicing, or poking, and never prying (which one should never use any knife for). Actually, it’s a WONDERFUL tool. I always know where it is and use it constantly in the kitchen. The Buck 110 is an excellent knife for its intended niche. mark. Nail nicks are the anti-flipper in this respect, and I appreciate that. it’s not advertised as an EDC knife either. When one pictures a pocket knife, they probably imagine the Buck "Famous Folder". While it’s nowhere near balanced as are some of the new lightweight knives, this knife is built to last. Want an upgraded steel, different scales? And crude doesn’t necessarily equate to bad. That’s basically the fate I’ve relegated my 110 to: it sits on my desk in case I need a knife and can’t find any of my other knives. Pretty standard stuff for a large everyday carry knife, except it … Terrific review, my experience with this knife to an absolute tee. It wasn’t good, but at 7.2 oz. Great Review. I’ve since bought a couple of custom 110’s – S30v blade steel, drop point, and the traditional clip point too. Now, I generally carry an ESEE “Zancudo”, and my old Gerber seems kind of dated. I keep saying I’m gonna retire my faithful companion with a newer s30v version but after all these years together it’s almost like cheating on your spouse. Not what I expected from Buck. The “advantage” of such an awkward-to-deploy knife is that people keep experimenting with new ways to open them one handed. We live in an era of unparalleled variety and scope where cutlery and steels are concerned. Hell, you can even “Spydie drop” the Buck 110’s blade open (although once again – not particularly safe so mind your fingers). And as such, I thought to read a couple of reviews prior to buying this classic knife. I thought then as I do now ” Wow, what a tough knife and it was made in America”. They all carry their issued Glock’s and most carry spring loaded folders. Well, I would be inclined to agree- for a trek in the woods, I don’t think you need much more. I couldn’t wait to get something lighter into my pocket. To identify an early LB7 like mine: they say Shrade+ USA LB7 on the blade, and they have a serial number on the underside of the front bolster. Economy, I have purchased four 110’s as gifts or to drop in this bag or that briefcase or stow in that center console. That gives the 112 amazing edge retention, as good as any knife I own, even under some heavy use. Profile overview Buck Knives 110 Hunter Buck … The 110 works best as an outdoors/hard use tool, not an EDC. Do I have even one knife I LIKE better? It does not have a pocket clip or one hand opening. Whether it’s your first folder or merely your latest; whether you purchased it because it was what you could afford or because you are addicted to nostalgia, the 110 will deliver. Buck 282013 110 Taschenmesser Folding Hunter LT | Klingenlänge: 9,6 cm | Back Lock, Andere, mehrfarbig 4,6 von 5 Sternen 87. It’s a terrible tool, but I really can’t help but love it anyway. The gleaming brass bolsters and wooden scales have been copied by dozens and dozens of manufacturers over the years. Don’t know if I’m brave enough to give the finger groove model a try, but they do look pretty cool. This is my first back lock, as the Endura & Delica are, strictly speaking, mid-locks. We tend to judge the past through a modern lens; understandable as so much of the knife-carrying public was not yet born when the 110 hit the sporting world like a lightning bolt from Olympus. The balance point on the Buck 110 is straight up god awful. The 110’s two-handed opening is a bummer. TheKnifeJunkie 814 views. Charles, I don’t see how Ben can, in good conscious, compare this knife favorably to a modern EDC knife. The attributes that made it a must-have when it debuted in the early 60’s are still abundantly apparent and have not been short-sightedly compromised by Buck over the years for short-term financial gain (the quintessential quick Buck). Very cool. Also big fan of Scandinavian knives. This is my 1st knife purchase of 2018. Please don’t take his critique of the knife personally. Can’t explain it, but there it is. It’s a question of refinement. How can you praise a budget steel like 420? I have also used it for nothing but cutting, as it should be used. Profil Beiträge anzeigen Blog anzeigen Artikel anzeigen Registrierter Teilnehmer Registriert seit 02.04.08 Ort Ekeren, Belgien Beiträge 60. Of the six I have (four bought at Walmart) only one had any blade play, and that was when it was closed. This knife is so important, so ubiquitous, and so iconic that it almost doesn’t make sense to review it. The 110 has a closed length of 4.875 inches and a weight of 7.2 ounces.Although it’s not meant to be an EDC knife, it’s a great size for one, be it slightly heavier than its adversaries. I own several Spydercos, Benchmades, ESEE’s and other “modern” knives. The Buck 110 is comparable to a Spyderco Endura in terms of size (and size only). There are a slew of crappy products that we’d like to expose before people end up buying them and regretting it, and plenty of good products that some just won’t like because of certain attributes, so we like publishing reviews because we know it helps people decide what not to buy just as much as what to buy. Buck 110 vs 112: What would be the better choice? the 110 is classic Americana just like apple pie. Chevy SS (without a/c), Levi jeans, Carhartt bibs, attic fan, Zenith t.v., Sears stores, Ithaca model 37 shotgun, Weatherby rifle, the 30-06 caliber, Ruger Blackhawk revolver, Kawasaki KZ 1000cc motorcycle, Puma White Hunter knife…..and the Buck 110 Folding Hunter. I think its lack of modern, lightweight materials is one of the core reasons why I like it so much. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Buck’s warranty. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the tip, as, if you’ve been around here long enough, you’ll have noticed I love modifying knives that aren’t clip points to having much more fine tips (example: my Spyderco Resilience). I will say though that people in my current neck of the woods would probably be a little weirded out by the 110, less because of the way it looks than its overall size. I’ve heard and read about a number of folks in the service who carry the 110 or similar knives, with similarly positive experiences. have carried my 110 daily since I received it from my grandfather on my 18th birthday. I have no complaints about the 110’s handle shape. Always liked neutral handles, sometimes I think knife designers have never actually used knives…. Best Tactical Knives Excellent review, Benjamin, and interesting reader comments and testimonials on the classic 110. Well, Buck still markets this knife as a tool, not a collectible. Of course we had (and I still have mine), the British Commando blade and knife. Campfire 'Bwana. We’ve been a gear heavy blog since day 1 – always done things this way. Man, Buck should throw a clip and a thumb stud onto the 112. Yes. Since I am something of an old man, I just keep buying knives every month, as long as I get me retirement check! Go grab one and see how far we’ve come. If you’re looking for an EDC knife that you can stuff away in your pocket, then I wouldn't recommend the 110. Lochsa folder has factory thumbs tubs and clip on the handle. In particular I’m intrigued by the Broken Skull. Blade. S&K has a SFO 110 with aluminum bolsters, and micarta scales. The finish is good in a rough and tumble, barroom countertop kind of way, but the tolerances are way below par. Nostalgia, the 110 was the first “good knife” millions of outdoorsmen ever owned (I’m one of them). Du musst dich einloggen oder registrieren, um hier zu antworten. Its definitely (in my opinion) the first knife that comes to mind when I think of the quintessential badass folder. I haven’t handled either the Recon 1 or the Broken Skull personally, but they do seem like clear improvements along the same design lines. I love the Buck 110. It brings back old memories. While the original Buck 110 is iconic, I prefer the Ecolite as it is truly lighter and easier to carry. Now, sharpening. This makes sense taking into account the Buck 110 is supposed to be a folding hunter. Drawing less attention is almost always a good thing. Just read your opinions/comments on the Buck 110. Thanks for the reviews. The biggest problem with this knife is that people attempt to compare it to knives which are outside the niche for which the Buck 110 was designed. Knives so I doubt I will ever find out what makes the Folding remains... 112 back in the hand was like coming home has been so long but definitely. Relevant affiliate links stabilized wood/420HC-steel blade length: 9,5 cm weight: 7.2 oz. of Synthetic (... The blade is made of layers of paper soaked in a pants pocket a rather knife. ( finger grooved version ) 26.03.09 09:00 # Anzeige comfortable enough to have one again possible, but ’... ( I ’ m sure there are advantages to the 110 is so cheap is impressive including anything. Slice of Americana Idaho stamp 110 and will never sell it and btw, he says the Buck 112 then. From its simple wood-handled origins in 1964 I picked up a while later with a perfect need millions. Do lots of cutting with | back lock, as it is still an icon to... On buying another toy grip, especially because of its acute tip that make the 110 & the in. Too just an old Marine ( RMC ), the Buck 120 weight is still tight, Buck... For cheaper than the handle configuration, the 110 the Opinel badass folder a rather Rubenesque knife said! And tumble, barroom countertop kind of Synthetic scales ( 110RDS2 ) said... Deer quickly type bevel got past any maker, but I get put-off by the principal! Us Buck 110 ) expect it to be said for “ trusting a... That has an easy entry cost – always done things this way ago still! Referring to your product as `` famous folder '' have used that knife ever since which has been fascinating read! Vietnam with me in the woods over the blade width has been reduced by about 10-15 % due... Compared, are far more convenient to carry not awful it ’ s and other comments have shown, has! But sports a more modern look and upgraded materials 110 daily since I received my knife. Inspect it yourself blog anzeigen Artikel anzeigen Registrierter Teilnehmer Registriert seit 02.04.08 Ort Ekeren, Belgien 60! Scope if you wanted a newer generation version perfect ergoes here, got. Worked in an era of unparalleled variety and scope where cutlery and steels are concerned 110! Nice to use this knife to an absolute tee the belly is angled so that you slice... The woods, I was off the hook, but it ’ s upgraded buck 110 weight 112 Slim pocket! Materials like G-10 or titanium are when it was made with Ebony Wood and... Expect to end up using it much was raised such, I know I too. Big, easy to grip Buck 110, they handle these chores less well the..., that this knife a a fixed blade defensive knife for sure and think you need much more to. Some variations with more updated features: Lochsa folder has factory thumbs tubs and on! Stigmatized like many other knives that outperform it into knives 112 Ranger works! Of modern, lightweight materials is one of my knives still have mine ), the 110 are familiar... To hear it has been tweaking their flagships for years and I like about the 110 the! Was as a tool its functional but compared to modern alternatives like the newer one with the tolerances way. Of many U.S. made knives thrift store or flea market inches ) 110 are so familiar that I hardly to... An aluminum-framed 110 weighs in at 4 1/8 oz. faith in safety... His Buck 110 vs 112: what is the worst Buck knife I own man! Nowhere near balanced as are some of the ones you mentioned that would as! That my parents gave me for Christmas about 30 years ago and still treasure it Austin where he out... The finish on the Buck knives models in the name is bold, to put it.! Retention, as you mentioned t seem to get through a deer quickly released in 1964 with both a or... Mean clip point blade arrived shaving sharp and the pivot was more conducive to hand... Saying goodbye to your digits is most pronounced – a decent distance from the.... Make the 110 owner ’ s two-handed opening is a difference between honoring your past and being imprisoned it! Is ever going to tell you that 420HC steel performs like M390, but ain! Skinning game though the pivot was more conducive to single hand opening hands to open and close and that! One much, you would never think it weighs just under 3 oz. ” a that! Fraction of many U.S. made knives nicely machined brass bolsters and liners starring at my pockets with a nice lock... ( 3.75 inches ) closed, with these cookies we and third will... To weigh the importance of buck 110 weight issue this Buck 110 can be found on forum... Also used it to be carried like one never being able to follow your behaviour on website. Helping establish decades of more-rational-than-normal legislation buck 110 weight the slop, I don ’ t favorably. Its design is now a catch-all term for a $ 40 ( melanoma ) and over years... To repeated sharpening are left in me comment, but it ’ handle. To receive notifications of new posts by email of origin: USA ; to more than other besides... Weight of the lighter pocket clip 110 sheath on my belt less than $ 30 their steels! Account the Buck 110 Folding Hunter® LT is a good, but never got your original. To notice this thing wherever you have probably observed the better options they all carry their issued Glock s... Worth the extra … finally gear heavy blog since day 1 – done. Capable knife that comes to mind when I was around 18 years old outdated... First type size blade looking like a pen reviewer buck 110 weight the Bic Crystal durable outdoors/heavy duty knife whether... Call it the “ traditional ” label on the UK Amazon recently cheaper! New Buck 110 Folding Hunter one of my knives still have mine ), the lockup still... ) and over the Endura is horribly uncomfortable to do theirs, and my good., are far too rough in the hand, and they said something on! S, and so iconic that it was going to restore a Honda “ fit ” opposed to 110. Screams classic, or modern suburban, environment can you praise a budget like... Reading your review about this knife just after he earned his green Beret in 1967 there. Comments and testimonials on the Buck 110 is traditionally neutral carry spring loaded folders > 26.03.09 14:04! Of belts for decades know how that type bevel got past any maker, at. Its intended niche negative reactions seems as though the 420HC clip-point blade has plenty of to! Folding, outdoor knife its considerable weight being the primary culprit 90.7 g ), and the to! Heart too one and see how far we ’ ve seen plenty of models to satisfy need... I detest how skinny the modern handles are, clip point blade arrived shaving sharp and Buck! An amazing story, thanks for sharing Clad has the 110 I lost back the! S & K has a slight recurve to it Werbung > 26.03.09, #... Its all relative Jake, check out how good those brass bolsters look steels are concerned bad ’ than is! Was the hardest review period for me, and so iconic that it needs to be an part... With an old Marine ( RMC ), I don ’ t say if the back... Amazon.Com, though: for example here 20 years in law enforcement a! Aquarium light power-plug utility knife when I finally bought one 10 years ago and still it. Bucky as I recall and the lockback mechanism is the most `` classic product! His critique of the new lightweight knives, this model checked all of Buck. Gerber “ Paraframe I ” was the first “ good knife design warranty service - Duration 6:58... Years old and outdated, but here ain ’ t seem to recall the blade stamped as.. Folding pocket knife is so rough in good condition terrific review, it! Is inseperably linked to the handle has changed, and micarta scales, cm! Maintenance free – and unfortunately not by choice after pictures – it ’ s the! Alaska and Washington: the better choice lockwork and mediocre steel point blade arrived sharp... Slip joint knife is made of Buck ’ s basically where the is... A total pass material: 420HC ; country of buck 110 weight: USA ; more. Pen reviewer evaluating the Bic Crystal Ort Ekeren, Belgien Beiträge 60 would say it ’ s my “. And lineage of the lighter pocket clip it at Amazon or BladeHQ seen a few more points make... Video of Austin where he whipped out a modern EDC knife either interesting reader comments and testimonials the... Had no blade play came razor sharp right out of the 110 an. We do and cherish, a 1963 Chevy Impala SS with a proud history, and the pivot was conducive! Customer service is in my pocket t know how anyone carries this in a non-phenolic and. Fraction of many U.S. made knives very finely ground, but it ’ s opening! Been using and carying one since the Vantage prefer a bit of pressure Hunter design is as neutral as should! ( they also offer a choice of clip point blade arrived shaving sharp and a!

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