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Room 0. The Forbidden Woods is the third required area in Bloodborne, that can be entered after defeating Vicar Amelia in the Cathedral Ward.. Finding the Forbidden Woods Grab another Golden Feather from the Peahat in this room, and then blow it down into the water. Forbidden Woods Map. When you get to the corner, turn and use your shield to defeat two Octorocs. Most of them contain enemies or small power-ups, but the one close to the north wall has a fairy inside. Walk up to the flower and use the burning stick to light it on fire. The door will be blocked by vines as soon as you go through it. The small walk-through haunt lasts perhaps five minutes, depending on the groups and if they take their time, but those five minutes are full of surprises in every nook and cranny available. Keep repeating this process until you defeat the plant. Walk back along the path and you’ll find a Boko Bulb that you can use to climb higher into the room. Place the nut on the cart and then use your Deku Leaf to float to the north side of the room and land in the small section inside the tree below. First, go around the room killing the green chuchus. Swing across the gap to the next platform. You will need to use the boomerang on the tentacles in order to knock Kalle Demos down. Head through the next door and you will find various nuts filled with supplies. Use the Deku Leaf on the Peahat to make it drop, then on the windmill to retrieve the platform. Target them all with the Boomerang and if performed correctly the switches will open the door below revealing a chest containing the Big Key. Kill the Peahats with the Grappling Hook and the Boomerang, and then use the Boomerang to kill the Boko Baba. Quickly jump into the Boko Bulb and fly into the whirlwind which will shoot you upwards. Defeat the Boko Baba along the way and use its Bulb to float across the room to a treasure chest. Grab the Bomb from the Bomb Flower and blow up the barricade. After you’ve hit it with the sword four times it will become a regular Mothula. Grapple the next hook as well and drop down on to the platform below. When the vines pop up in front of you, turn to the left and walk to the wall. The entrance area to the forest dungeon has three paths; to the left, you will find an oversized seed, in the middle a doorway guarded by a voracious vine, and to the right a treasure chest containing the Dungeon Map. Defeat the two wingless butterflies and a treasure chest will appear. Hop into it and you'll be attacked by Morth monsters that stick to you and slow you down. You can use your new Boomerang to stun them both and attack one at a time to make this battle much easier. ". Go through the door. There are two fores… Exit through the door to get to a water-filled room with another small ropeway. Don't get too close to the vine plant or it will retract into its shell. It will pull you up and land on the tree. Blow some air at the switch to bring another cart over to you and then hop on it. Equip your Boomerang and take out the two vines guarding the east exit. Use the Boomerang to take out the Peahats and the Morths in this room. This will open the door to allow us back out. Walk over to the grassy side of the room and grab the nut that is growing here. There is another treasure chest in this room, but you'll need the Boomerang to open it, so come back later. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is … As part of the Master Win… Can be directed towards Iosefka's Clinic or the Oedon Chapel. Makar will be freed and a heart container will be left in the room. Open it for Treasure Chart #1, and then return to the door you came in from. Blow the leaves off of the pot hidden in the ground, and then head back down the branches and through the door. It is home to a village of those who have been chased from the city, and is currently the nesting grounds of giant, venomous and parasitic snakes that have used its denizens as hosts. Jump down, get rid of the plant and pick up the stick it drops. There are many vines located in this room that act as a sort of maze. Go the left side of tree and once you pass the tree head right until you reach a wall. Forbidden Woods Start off the dungeon by heading along the path to the right. 7.1 Forbidden WoodsProgress at this pointTotal LifeHeart Pieces 5/44Charts 6/46New in this section ... (Source: Dark Linkaël) Forbidden Woods. You are now inside the hollow trunk of the tree dungeon. If you stay there too long, the petals will fold in and cause some heavy damage. Jump into the lone Boko Bulb in this area and defeat the Peahats nearby. You can run or roll to avoid both of these attacks. If you prefer, you can also go and retrieve any treasure chests that you may have missed first -- although it's just as easy to do this after the boss battle. Grab a stick and use this bud (and another one) to get all the way up to the third floor. Use the bomb to destroy the wooden barrier and open the treasure chest in the nook to find the Compass. Vines will appear behind you, blocking the way out. The best method to defeat it is to use the Deku Leaf to blow a gust of air at it. Just use the Deku Leaf on the pile of leaves to uncover it. Go back to the round room in the center of the dungeon, stand on the platform with the small flower and use your Deku Leaf on the windmill. Use the Boomerang to target them and hit them consecutively. Lift it up and place the bomb next to the flower. But now that you've got the Boomerang, that's all just for show-off. Head through the door with the small key we just got. Fight the enemies on the bottom floor, then catapult yourself up on top of the tree branches. This item will allow us to hit various targets and either stun or defeat most enemies. Defeat all enemies with the help of your Boomerang, then hop across the platforms down the right branch. Cut down the trees you find and open the chest for another Joy Pendant. Continue straight and head up to the platform once you reach it. Open the gate with the lever here; it … In the next room jump off the ledge and drop down to the bottom floor. Use the Deku Leaf to float over to the top of the old tree, then continue on upwards until you get to the highest pillar on the left (right picture, above). Otherwise, grab a stick from one of the pots and light it on fire. Once you do so, use the Deku Leaf to fly across to the other side and open the chest here for a Joy Pendant. You will find another flower growing on this door, but there is no nut to be found on this platform. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Jump onto the flower with the bomb and then throw it at the wooden panels to the north to blow them up. Hit it a few times and back out of the flower. Enter the next room. Items:Dungeon Map, Compass, Boomerang, Forbidden Tingle Statue (Gamecube), Big Key, Heart Container, Farore’s Pearl Jump down into the hole and open the chest for Treasure Chart #15. It's hanging by weird stringy things. If you are playing HD, you will have to wait until you obtain the Bombs to reveal this chest. Once you make it to the other side head through the next door. Just use a gust of wind, courtesy of the Deku Leaf, to scatter the leaves and uncover the hidden goodies. Grab the nut you find here and hop over onto the hanging tree in the center of the room. Walk over to the right and you will find a bomb growing in the grass. Lock on to the first switch on the right side of the tall tree, then lock on to the others by turning clockwise to the right. This next part of the walkthrough will result in another Treasure Chart, so if you don’t want it head through the Boss Door and skip the next paragraph. For Bloodborne on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Forbidden Woods are crazy. Before you go through the door, you can also ride the platform "tongues" to the right to a platform with a warp cauldron. Inside, you will find the Big Key. For example, go to the tall room in the very south of the dungeon (you can use a warp to go back to the entrance hall, then go north). Hop down there to find a treasure chest with a red Rupee. Make sure you hold forward so you roll at the bottom and don’t get hurt. The key to crossing this bottomless pit lies in the windmill construction to the left (image below). Before you walk through it, use the moving branches to the left to climb to the top of the room. Use your Boomerang again to best effect, then enter the next room. Charts:#15, #1 Use the Deku Leaf to get to the other shore, then go through the door. Makar apologizes for his disobedience and the Great Deku Tree tells him to be more careful from now on. Forbidden Woods Cemetery is a free, family-friendly (no gore) home haunt running for two nights only (October 30-31) from 5-10pm in North Hollywood. Hit the switch nearby with the Deku Leaf to bring another cart over. Being an island on its own, the dungeon itself is separated from the home of the Koroks. Use the above map to go to the Bomb (the red lines signify indestructible vines that will pop out of the ground when you approach them). Forbidden Forest. Exit the room. by Amarah Z "Once you've: Fed the hungry refugees, located the apo… Wait for the cyclone to go around and deku leaf to Forbidden Woods. As Link progresses through the Forbidden Woods, he finds the Boomerang, which can help him get down giant plants to use as platforms. Kalle Demos is a plant that will attach itself to the ceiling. As you progress through this dungeon, keep an eye on the ground or you'll miss the piles of leaves that often hide power-ups. This will cause the tree to break the floor barrier below to open up a new area. Jump over to the ledge, grab the Bomb, hop back onto the ropeway platform, and toss the Bomb into the hole in the roof of the large tree stump (above right picture). Forever Forest is a dark and maligned wood east of Toad Town in Paper Mario.Only specific pathways can be used to traverse the forest, as any deviation will lead back to the entrance. Jump over to the central platform and walk around the tree. Get on top of the flower and cut the vines with your Boomerang. A hunched beast with semblance to humans. Take out the flying enemies by first using your Deku Leaf to bring them down to earth, then follow up with your sword. Forbidden Woods. These enemies will not hurt you, but they will drain your magic once they grab a hold of you. If the nut broke along the way, grab another one and stay on the cart this time as you bring it back. Use it to burn the wooden lid on the cauldron. Jump across to the other side of the room via the suspended flower and open the treasure chest (10 Rupees inside). To figure out how to get into the Forbidden Woods dungeon, please refer to the. Jump down through the hole where it fell and enter the door here. Video Walkthrough: Forbidden Woods Part 1. Burn the top off of the pot and jump into it. Use the moving branches to make your way across the room. Take the stick, light it on the torch, and use it to burn the vine that's blocking access to the treasure chest in the west section of the area. After defeating Kalle Demos, Link r… Hop down onto the flower and grab a bomb on the south side of the room. This large cave stretches from the basement floor all the way to 3F. (Source: Dark Linkaël) But there are two shortcut elevators, first one leads to the lamp, the 2nd one leads to the first elevator. Back at the small river, cut down the flower above with your Boomerang. Inside the treasure chest is a Knight's Crest. Climb up the ramp along the tree in the center and you will be surrounded by 5 switches. Go through the door. There are still bars on the door we need to use to exit the room. Defeat them and then use a Boko Bulb to get yourself onto the top of the trees. Jump down and crawl through the small hole in the tree stump to get inside (put away your item with A first, then hit R). Throw your stick at the vine guarding the door. Video Walkthrough: Forbidden Woods Part 2. You can now attack it with relative ease until it dies. Defeat the Green ChuChus along the way and then open the chest at the top for the Dungeon Map. Once the Mothula is hit it will start charging at you. Enter the next room. Use the Boomerang to target and defeat the two flowers on this door, and then head through it. Run towards the raised ledge a little bit to the north and throw the bomb at the next set of panels to blow them up as well. In this room you can optionally obtain the second Tingle Statue, the Forbidden Tingle Statue. Throw the nut at the flower on the door to destroy it. Cross the room and from the north platform, look to the right to locate another platform with a flower on it. It has long dark-grey fur and crooked red spikes in its back that surge with electricity, indicating a potential link to the Darkbeasts. In the next room you’ll find a couple of Boko Babas, a Peahat and a wingless Mothula. Indestructible vines will pop out of the ground when you approach the seed, so use your Deku Leaf to make the seed roll to a place where you can pick it up. Start off the dungeon by heading along the path to the right. Get the Map. Entering the forest is forbidden by the Healing Church. Use the Boomerang to cut down the vines holding up the flower so it falls down to the water below. Exit the small area and grab another bomb. You'll … Use this Boko Bulb and then fly over to the next Bulb you can reach. Simply lock on, use the Deku Leaf, then run in close and attack with your sword. The boss room of the Forbidden Woods, there are two pieces of grass outside the room and to the right. While it might seem like a dead end at first, jumping onto the rocks on the far left allows the player to reach an area that is out of bounds and normally inaccessible through normal play. If the flower is open the bomb will explode and destroy it, allowing you to walk through the next door. The Bomb will blow up the vines guarding the treasure chest inside. Head to the right and grapple across to the next section. Lock on with your Boomerang and cut them all off, then fly straight across with your Deku Leaf to find a treasure chest with a Joy Pendant. Open the chest here for another yellow rupee. Crawl out of the tree and head through the door to exit the room. Sail to where the cyclone is by the tree in the water. Don't walk too close to the plant or you will make it close up. The boss will attach itself to the ceiling with the many vines it possesses. Use what you've learned when using the Deku Leaf against flying enemies and bring this giant Mothula butterfly down to the ground with the help of the power of the wind. Use your Deku Leaf on the windmill to bring the ropeway platform in close, then push yourself off by fanning the leaf to the north. Ignore or kill the Dexivines and ChuChus here and head through the door. Equip it and aim at the two switches above the locked exit gate (you can lock on to both of them at once if you hold down the button and move the target over each one). In the graveyard, look ahead and left to find a Coldblood Dew. You can now open the locked door with your key. Jump onto the flower in the middle of the room and then jump across to the next section. This can make this room tricky and annoying to complete, so make sure to walk slowly to avoid hitting the vines that pop out of the ground. As you go through the dungeon, whenever you encounter a Peahat, you want to use the Grappling Hook to acquire the Golden Feather. Once you have successfully brought a nut over use it to destroy the flower, and then continue to the next room. Perform a spin attack to get rid of them, then open the treasure chest to get a yellow Rupee. If your stick falls down without destroying the vine, don't retrieve it yet. Some have fairies and health, while others have rupees and Morths inside. Use the Boomerang to target them and knock them out of your way. Collect the rupees inside the tree, and then walk around the outside of the tree until you can jump onto the platform on the west side. Once the enemy is defeated, you can open the treasure chest in the northwest corner to get the Boomerang. When it's next to you, jump and use deku leaf. Head straight until you begin to reach the tree ahead of you, and then turn left. Forbidden Woods: It revolves around crossing an endless pit with the help of movable platforms and tongue-shaped elevators. Back in front of the entrance to this room, use the Deku Leaf to blow away leaves on the platform in front of you. Open the door and go into the next room. Described by Professor Silvanus Kettleburn as 'massive', the forest is thick with trees — beech, oak, pine, sycamore, and yew are mentioned, as well as undergrowth such as knotgrass and thorns — but there are paths, brooks, and some clearings. Jump into the bud and hover over there, then turn around and float over to the northeast platform. Defeat the Green ChuChus that appear if you’d like and head through the door. The Great Deku Tree expresses his happiness for Makar’s safe return. Grab the Heart Container and step into the whirlwind for you and Makar to be teleported back to the Great Deku Tree. Use your Deku Leaf to bring another platform closer, then hop on over to it. In this timeless classic with a unique and colorful "toon-shaded" art style, players guide Link as he sets out on the massive Great Sea to find his kidnapped sister. Jump back down and use the Deku Leaf to fly over to where we originally used the Grappling Hook. Face towards the east, then turn left and continue straight. Look in the grass to the right to locate a Bomb Flower. The Great Deku Tree asks Makar to play his songs for him, and Makar pulls out a fiddle and begins to play. Two Dexivines will come out of the ground. Drop down near the hole and head through the door to the east. You will find yourself in a long corridor with a small pit in the middle. Vines will block the exit behind you as soon as you step through the doorway. Slash the bushes here and use the Deku Leaf to fly to the door on the other side of the room and enter it. Grab the seed and hop to the center platform (collect the Rupees from inside the swinging plant, if you want) and from there to the west platform. Collect some supplies if you need to and then head through the boss door. Link must also use the Deku Leafto navigate across water on plants. Pick it up and throw it at the wooden panel closest to you. When you're about in the middle of the pit, turn around and use the Deku Leaf on the windmill contraption on the far right to get to the other side. Kalle Demos will try and use its lower vines to slam the ground or use them to go underground and pop up to hurt you. Kill it with your sword while it’s still lying on the ground. Grab the Bomb and use it to blow up the vine guarding the door. Look above the door and you will see two switches. If you turn to the right you’ll find another path down the middle of the room. Break the boards here with your sword and grab the nut behind them. Map Translation Used kinBOSS : Forbidden BOSS Boss Room. Throw the nut directly at the flower and it will die, allowing you to progress. Hop onto the cart again and throw the bomb into the hole on top of tree stump below. If your low on Rupees, open the treasure chest on the other side of the flower, as it contains rupees. Hop on the cart and use it to reach the other side of the room. Kill the Morths on the next platform and then jump onto it. In the Forbidden Woods, you'll find a flowery plant thingy. Jump to the platform in front of you and then onto the platform to the right. Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB, Animated Blood, Fantasy Violence, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Wiki Guide, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Dispose of them any way you like, then climb back on top of the tree stump and use your Grappling Hook to swing yourself across to the now unlocked door in the east. This cave stretches from the top floor all the way to the bottom -- but a network of vines prevents you from going down to B1. The Wind Waker Walkthrough – Forbidden Woods. Use it to destroy the vine, then exit the room. If you are playing the Gamecube version, open the Tingle Tuner and place a bomb here to reveal the chest. Jump on top and deflect the Octoroc's shot, then propel the flower forward into the tunnel using your Deku Leaf. Ride the tongue platforms up and you will get to a small niche with a treasure chest behind a few small trees. Hop on the cart that comes towards you and move it forward by blowing a gust of air at the door you came in from. This will cause a whirlwind above the large flower in the middle. Use your Grappling Hook to steal a Golden Feather from the Peahat in this room, and then use the Deku Leaf to knock it to the ground. Once the vines have been cut down you can charge in and attack the plant at the center. The Forbidden Woods is a large forest on the outskirts of Yharnam. Link is sent into the woods by the Great Deku Tree to rescue Makar, who is supposed to perform a ceremony to create seeds to grow new forest across the Great Sea. You can now enter the door with the two vines growing on it. Then, follow the other path to the left, pick up the nut all the way to the left, throw them at the door while being not too close to destroy the vines and open the door. One of … Video Walkthrough: Forbidden Woods Part 1 Exit through the door to get to a water-filled room with another small ropeway. Keep stunning them and hitting them with the sword until they are defeated. Then go up the ramp to the right and get the map. This next room only contains a Tingle Statue and a Treasure Chart, so if you’d like to move past them skip the next 3 paragraphs. Forbidden Woods Boss: Kalle Demos. Open the chest to get Treasure Chart #15. Defeat the Green ChuChus along the way and then open the chest at the top for the Dungeon Map. The Forbidden Woods are one of the most treacherous areas in all of Bloodborne, and even making it to them alive is a challenge in itself.In this Bloodborne Forbidden Woods … Continue doing this until you reach a wall and two more Octoroks. Good map for them, though. It contains a Joy Pendant. Next, grab the seed from the left side of the area and carry it over to the door in the center. Now that you’re back in this room, run straight through it and jump the gap in the middle. Walk with the nut until you are a few feet in front of the door. Defeat the Boko Baba on the next platform and jump into the Boko Bulb that appears. Open the chest here for another 20 rupees. Float across to the final platform with the doorway and defeat the green ChuChus that appear. Locations:Forbidden Woods. Climb up the ramp in the middle of the room and defeat the three Boko Babas found here. Jump down to the bottom floor and defeat all enemies. From here you need to travel far enough from that part of the map in order for the game to no longer have the loot's map loaded in memory. Only one lamp in Forbidden woods (sans the boss lamp). Forbidden Woods Go to the right, follow the passage and pick up the Map from the chest. Walk forward and defeat the two Boko Babas and the four Green ChuChus found here. Go through the door. Hop across to the next section by using the moving branches. Forbidden woods > Byrgenwerth > Yahar'gul, Unseen Village (Only after boss is defeated and only once per NG) Lecture Building > Nightmare of Mensis Grand Cathedral > Yahar'gul, Unseen Village (Generic route, available continuously after Rom boss fight.) Grab another Bomb from the flower and throw it across the vines at the other barricade. The Koroks leap into the air to catch them, and tell you that they are going to take them out to the Great Sea. Open the treasure chest to get a Knight’s Crest. You don’t need to knock down all of them; only the ones in the middle will get in our way. You will find yourself in a tiny chamber on the third floor. Use your Deku Leaf to make it spin (just send a gust of wind into its direction), then hop onto the platform and use the Deku Leaf again to make the platform move. Catch a fairy from underneath one of the piles of leaves, then use the flower buds to propel yourself up. Wait for the moving "tongue" to come close, then hop on top of it and let it carry you to the next one. It should be a goner by now. Use the flower bud to get up high and float to the platform. Defeat them with the Boomerang and then kill the Green ChuChus. Cross over the lake to the other side and exit through the door. Next, get the nut on the left side of the room and throw it at the plant on the door to kill it. Bloodborne guide: Forbidden Woods to Shadow of Yharnam. Walk through the door to face the dungeon miniboss. > Yahar'gul Chapel > Lecture Building (Possibly only once but most likely.) You are given Farore’s Pearl as a reward for saving Makar. There are many different places that make up the Forbidden Woods, as it is one of the largest areas in Yharnam.

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